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Since 2016, we've been leading the way in App Marketing. Many of the world's top brands have read these lines before reaching out to work with us. Spend the next five minutes learning about our approach.
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Improve App's Organic Visibility

Our app marketing solutions for growing an app's organic visibility

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Customised ASO strategy by NextGrowth Labs has helped us in improving app's rankings and visibility

"I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by NextGrowth Labs. From the outset, the team at NextGrowth Labs exhibited a profound understanding of ASO principles, coupled with industry first approach of solving complex problems. One of the standout qualities is their commitment to tailoring their services to meet our unique needs and optimising keywords from our extensive product portfolio.

NextGrowth Labs is very much tech driven and has helped us create tools for tracking activities and results. Customised ASO strategy by NextGrowth Labs has helped us in improving app's rankings and visibility, leading to a noticeable increase in organic downloads of the app.

Sincere thanks to the entire team at NextGrowth Labs for their outstanding work and commitment to our app's success!"

Tushar Pathak
Growth Lead at Bajaj Finserv

" The team not only delivered on time but also met our expectations. Onboarding them helped us improve conversions. I appreciate their professionalism and delivery excellence and highly recommend them. "

Abhinav Mathur
Insanely Good by Swiggy

“NextGrowth Labs has been able to deliver exceptional results. Their tools, insights, are top notch, and they have great deal ofattention to detail and technical expertise.”

"I worked with Nextlabs for both ASO and SEO for Urbanclap earlier, and now with Badger holdings. NextGrowth Labs has been able to deliver exceptional results. Their tools, insights, are top notch, and they have great deal of attention to detail and technical expertise. When we hired them, we wanted to tell them what to do - eventually, they aced to the point where they were able to tell us what we should be doing. Their grip on data and using first principles in marketing is outstanding. There has hardly been a problem that they haven't been able to solve."

Ashish Kumar Bhalla
Urban Company

“I liked their innovative and data driven approach. Throughout our relationship, they maintained clear communication and transparency.”

We've been working with NextGrowthLabs for last 3 years. The team at NextGrowth Labs is very knowledgeable and data driven. They took the time to understand my business goals, industry dynamics, and target audience. I liked their innovative and data driven approach.
Throughout our relationship, they maintained clear communication and transparency. They'd proactively handle the project, kept me informed at every stage for any important update and came up with a solution. I highly recommend them.

Abhilash Joseph
Senior Business Lead, Fisdom

Our Pricing

Keyword based

Achieve desired ranking for your specified keywords

Pay only when your target keywords rank for the desired position

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Pay for targeted keywords.
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Payout for top 1, 3, 5, and 8 achievements.
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Rank your app in competitors' similar app sections.
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Minimum 6-month plan.

Install based

Pay for the expansion of non-branded organic downloads by x%

ASO on autopilot. Get blueprint based on your download goals.

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Pay for x% growth in non-brand organic downloads.
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ASO campaigns typically break even in 12 months.
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Available for apps with market share.
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Minimum 6-month plan.

Revenue sharing

We drive revenue growth, and take a share of the increased revenue

We help your revenue grow and share revenue on the incremental revenue.

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We grow your revenue and share in the incremental gains.
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After app submission, we'll discuss baseline installs and revenue to check qualification.
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Revenue share depends on app quality and current revenue per user.
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Reduce Cost on UAC Campaigns

Check Icon - NextLabs.ioUAC campaign costs are not fixed.
Check Icon - NextLabs.ioFactors affecting cost:
        ● App ratings (yours and competitors')
        ● Most Helpful Review Section
        ● Number of bidding companies
        ● Engagement and retention rates
Check Icon - NextLabs.ioYou only pay if we reduce the cost.
Check Icon - NextLabs.ioFee is significantly lower than the cost reduction (x).

Tools built by Us

We have have built some of the the most premium ASO tools which help you in every step of tracking and analyzing your app growth.

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App Intelligence

Increase organic search visibility to improve retention and revenue. ROI is maximised when ASO strategies are in place to use the most relevant keywords with high traffic.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your app's display page can be used to your advantage to drive maximum views.

Chrome Add-Ons

Leverage strategies like link building, in order to improve your visibility on search engines.

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Doc Add-Ons

We don't just translate, we localize your keywords to ensure your app can reach a global audience. Recommended languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

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BigQuery Connector

We are a team of experience digital marketers who strive to be on the cutting edge of digital growth. Even though we specialize in ASO, our team has decades of combined experience in ASO.

Data Studio Connector

Get your Playstore data using our DataStudio connector. (Request for an invite now).

Our ASO Innovation Stack - that captures everything from the app stores.


Full spectrum on your acquisition channel

● We work on all 7 areas of acquisition.
● There are over 20 sub-properties that influences acquisition - eg: logo, brand name, ratings, etc.
● There are at least 50 other properties that are generally not covered, we work majority of them, behind the doors.
● Our proprietary technology .enables you to rank on any keyword, or get into similar app section.
● Our app store optimization service stands out in a crowded market by delivering guaranteed results.

We can do lot more than what other agencies do! 🙌

We unlock deep insights on traffic and engagement, surpassing standard analytics, by engaging the right users at the right time.

Engagement & Retention

● Deep Insights on the traffic and engagement .
● Go beyond your standard analytics.
● Engage the right set of users at the right time.
● Integrate that into your overall ASO SWOT analysis .


Gain a 360° View of Your Customers

Automatically build profiles for every user who visits your app, storing demographic data along with all their different interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history.

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